Conceptualize, Visualize and Realize Your Patient and Evidence-Based Healthcare Art Program

Distinctive Art Source: Helping Hospital Owners, Architects, Designers and Wayfinding Experts Collaborate to Create
Visually Integrated Experiences

We work with results-driven healthcare leaders who understand the importance of evidence based design and patient centered care. They value the role of art in supporting a cohesive visual identity and positive patient experience. They’re looking for a healthcare art consultant who can integrate seamlessly into the architectural process and create a distinctive hospital art program that reflects their unique needs, engages the local art community and creates patient and healthcare appropriate art programs specific to their locale.

    At Distinctive Art Source:

  • 100% of our work is in healthcare, which means we understand important issues like Joint Commission regulations and infection control requirements as they relate to the art program;

  • Our art programs are rooted in evidence enabling them to contribute to the overall patient experience;

  • The art programs we help create are customized to meet your needs, often integrating art elements with interior finishes and architectural details;

  • We’re recognized in the industry for our innovative art solutions and unexpected art options;

  • We’re the only healthcare art consultants in the country with a multi-disciplinary approach and team experience that includes interior design, fine art, healthcare engineering, construction and hospital administration;

  • Our record shows a 100% success rate for completing projects on time and within budget.

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