Customized Approach

Healthcare Art Consultant Offers Customized Approach to Creating Art Programs in Hospitals

DAS brings to the table a breadth and depth of knowledge and a wealth of experience.  What sets us apart is our ability to use our knowledge as a tool, not a template.  We understand each project requires an individualized attention, and a tailor-made solution. We do not utilize a “cookie-cutter” approach, rather our effectiveness stems from our developed process and our ability to:

  • Actively listen to client specific goals.
  • Guide facilities through the art program creation process by facilitating constructive dialogue, stimulating creative thinking, introducing innovative art options and sharing evidence based research.
  • Engage internal and external hospital groups in the development of the art program to build shared commitment and enthusiasm while creating a final product that is a true reflection of the hospital and its community.

We work closely with hospital art committees to develop their art program concept and goals. We enjoy becoming a part of the local area to fully appreciate the individuals, groups, icons and scenery that contribute to the hospital community. Often our clients develop or foster community relationships that last well beyond our work with the facility.